7 Mistakes people make with Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation practices

Every marketer has their own set of strategies to follow, have a different goal to achieve, have distinct resources. Hence, there’s no particular ‘right’ way to achieve success through marketing automation or to follow definitive marketing automation practices/techniques. But certainly, there are a few wrong ways.

Here we are presenting the top few marketing automation mistakes people make, which you should avoid making.

Being inorganic and impersonal

Customers don’t like to feel that they are communicating with a robot. One of the tips which every expert give and now which has become evident is ‘give the feeling of personal touch’ to your customer.

You can say one of the dangers of a marketing automation tool is one of its own element-’automation’. In order to gain customer offer them something of real value by scheduling messages with a personal touch.

Flipping the wrong personal switches

Lots of people/marketers have this misconception that marketing automation is only about getting your voice heard and stick in the audience’s mind but it is not so. It is also about to create meaningful bonds between you and your prospects or customers.

If you are sending poor quality communication or too high volume messages then you are doing marketing automation all wrong, because doing these will end up irritating your customers or prospects.

Take an analysis, what content do customers want to see? What is going to get on their nerves? How they’ll get engaged with your brand? A little empathy goes a long way in marketing automation.

Failing to plan

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”. Without a target at which to aim, your marketing automation efforts are destined to fail. Many times marketers end up being directionless between what to target- short-term objective or long-term objective.

Design short-term goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to achieve a long-term goal. The long-term goal will help you to shape the movements in the short term, maintain the balance between these two.

Getting the focus wrong

Marketing automation is not about quantity it’s about quality. We all know marketing automation as a tool that helps you to reach the maximum of the audience, however, reach should not be your primary assessment metric.

Your aim should be to reach/connect to the right people with effective marketing efforts, rather than just far-reaching. After all, converting 20% of 2000 leads is far better than converting 1% of 8000.

Ignoring the buyer persona

Apart from saving time, cost and effort marketing automation can be used to connect deeply with an audience. A major mistake that marketers make in marketing automation is focusing on mass communication, ignoring segmentation and customer understanding.

Tailor your messages or offers according to customer profile instead of sending the same message to everyone. It turns your marketing automation practices more effective and gives better results.

Utilize unused data

Marketing automation is not just about pouring data, it also generates data. Each time you interact with a prospect, whether they convert or not, you generate a new set of data that can be used to design future strategies. There is no such thing as bad data or data which is completely useless. You can even use that data to turn cold leads into hot leads.

Inefficient use of marketing automation tool

Implementing automation tool is not just you need, effective utilization of that tool is what matters. Marketers must ensure that they are getting the full worth of the software (utmost utilization).

For this, you have to make an in-depth analysis or audit of your marketing automation practices, self-analyze certain things. Like- what do you want to achieve? Are you able to achieve that with your current platform? Is your current automation tools scalable to meet your needs as your company grows? Are you able to bear the cost of the automation tool? Answer these and other relevant questions and confirm maximum efficiency for your business.

Now that you know the marketing automation mistakes marketers make, try your best to avoid these on your marketing automation journey for more efficient and effective marketing automation.


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