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SEO Trends guide marketers to stay up-to-date regarding the latest update and changes in technology.
With the growing ecosystem of organic online marketing, it’s unlikely to be surprised that Google is relying more on social media signals to inform its SEO ranking. For many teams, the duties and responsibilities of employees who work on SEO and those who work on social media are separate; however, you need to change now.
The two may still officially belong to separate teams, but social media marketers will need to be more informed on the SEO strategist’s responsibilities so that the SEO strategy can assist with content promotion.
The addition to SEO’s responsibilities will then need to know how to work with social media marketers. In order to receive the social signals, it needs to make sure their company ranks on top in Google’s search engine.

Changing in Facebook’s Algorithm won’t be a Hurdle with Content Marketing

Using social media for promoting your business has no problem at all. But it’s important to know how much promotion is too much. Facebook’s new algorithm for news feeds for timely posts about the information that provides value to your social media audience.
In other words, sophisticated content marketing is now the way to get engagement on Facebook. The businesses that already have a solid content marketing strategy have an advantage on the shift in Facebook’s new algorithm. They can select content from their blog to feature on the business Page.
However, if your business doesn’t have a content marketing strategy or a blog, but wants to maintain a strong Facebook presence, it may be time to create a content marketing strategy for Facebook.

Having a Mobile-Friendly Website is Critical
You must have heard, but every business needs to make sure their websites are optimized for mobile. According to stats, mobile phone internet user penetration worldwide will be 52.4% by the end of 2015.
It clearly means optimizing a website for mobile should be at the top of the digital marketing to-do list. Social media managers need to be aware of this to ensure the format of any promotions they do (especially those that include driving people to their company websites) are optimized for mobile. On top of that, any images used on social media should also be viewable on mobile for optimized user experience.

Tweets will be More Optimized with the New Twitter Search Engine
Twitter recently released one of its long-standing goals, the new and more powerful Twitter search engine. This new search engine enables you to search through every tweet ever published. It means the way you build your tweets is more important now than ever before.
Including hashtags, images, and links in tweets will make sure that tweets show up higher in Twitter’s search engine results. Think of this new search engine like Google. Including the right keywords in your tweets will allow you to be more visible in search queries.

Marketing Decisions Complemented by Social Media Data
It has always been good to use more social media data in your digital marketing activities. But the way you see social media’s data is totally opposite of that. It’s actually pretty complex and hard to put into action. In a recent study, it was found that 60% of businesses across the globe have been striving to turn social data into actionable tactics.
Therefore this year, social media marketer need to get ready, hit the market and add another hat to their collection: the social media analyst hat. With this hat on, you can use social media to collect data. Data collected through your social media tools, and analyze this information to inform marketing and business decisions.
For example, social media data can help you create customer personas to boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. As well as the kind of language prospects use around your product.

Testing Content before making it viral is Must
Do you have professionals that work on testing landing pages, website layout, online ads and emails every day? If yes, that’s really good! If no, then you must keep reading. Testing new landing pages, different website layouts, online ads, and email copy, enable you to make most out of your existing traffic, increase conversions and improve the user experience. You can conduct A/B testing that compares two versions of a web page to see which performs better. The one that performs the best will be the one implemented.

The Virtual Experience will shift to a more “Human Experience”
Google and Facebook have made a lot of changes to their platforms to push businesses to focus more on the “human experience.” This shift will drive digital marketers to think more about the experience fetching to their target audience, and the way they market their products and business.  
For social media marketers, your social media posts will need to be more relevant, educational, should be able to enhance perceived value by your audience, and the engagement needs to be more “human.”

Marketers if you really want to see the results out of your efforts you better make sure your efforts are aligned with the latest trends.


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