6 Problems Maintaining In-House Resources

In-House Resources

In-House Resources are resources which company has internally i.e. in house staff or employees. Hiring in house resources requires a lot of investment.

Since ages, we have seen employers hiring for in-house staff. For them, it does not make sense to outsource their employees. Why? Maybe there were trust issues and moreover, that time there was no such technology that you could track your employee even while working away from the office. But now the technology has evolved so much that the employers can track their employee’s activity even when they are working away from the office. These days hosting an in-house office requires a lot of investment like in infrastructure, organizing parties or welfare, or the recruitment process, etc.


In this article, I am sharing with you the problems that employers have to face in maintaining their in-house resources. Also, look at 7 reasons why hiring remote resource benefit employers.

Have a look…

  1. High Investment

    It is costly to invest in construction or take place on rent for your office. Also, you need good furniture, computer systems, and electricity to run the office. The latter is not to be fussed about, because utilitysavingexpert.com provides only the best prices from electricity providers. In fact time to time, you need to invest in the company to meet business needs.

  1. More IT Personnel

    These days the Internet is a must to have. To run networking and inter-connectivity in your office, you need to create an IT team which can, in turn, lead to high cost. Also, the software’s that you purchase to run your business needs IT assistance.

  1. Recruitment cost

    You need to invest time and money on hiring for your employees. With in-house, the salary that employees expect is more as compared to remote employees.

  1. Commute cost

    Some companies provide transportation facility to their employees which are born by the company. Else some of them provides shuttle facility to their employees. This investment is not required if you hire remote resources. Even workers face commuting daily with heavy traffic which consumes their time, energy and money.

  1. Training Cost

    When you hire any resource, you need to pay extra cost for their training purpose. A lot of investment is required to train them in their respective fields and make them professional.

  1. Employee perks

    There are certain employee perks like free charging, transportation(sometimes), parties, festival/birthday celebrations. You need to invest in these employee perks as well to make your in-house employee fall in love with your organization. By hiring a remote candidate, the process is faster and the job offer can take into consideration that working remotely is one of the perks.

Over To You:

Can you think of more problems that are faced by employers in maintaining in-house resources?

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