6 Marketing Automation Mistakes Marketers Could be Making

Marketing automation mistakes

In marketing automation one cannot afford to make mistake. Making a mistake is the last thing you want because customers and subscribers can easily be turned off or can damage your entire campaign.

Let’s explore the common marketing automation mistakes that you could be making so you can avoid them and save time and money.

Marketing Automation Mistakes
#1. Becoming a spammer

It’s easy to create and schedule email campaigns and blast emails to contacts especially when your metrics are looking good but little do you know that you are becoming a spammer.

Every marketer knows that spamming is the first thing one needs to avoid as it can hurt your business.

Make sure you only send relevant emails to the right audience at the right time and don’t blast unnecessary emails or overfill your subscribers’ inbox with your email. You can irritate your subscribers by doing so and this can ruin your entire campaign or, worse, your credibility.

#2. Forgetting to Be Human

Marketing automation means automating workflows (automating all the task) and not having to deal with manual processes. This can let you become too inorganic.

You can’t make subscribers feel they’re talking to a human, after all, you are human and your customer is also. Humanize yourself and your brand, add the personal touch to your message to make your campaign authentic and genuine.

#3. Lack of Objective

Just like other goals of life and work your email marketing automation must have objective and a set of tactics to achieve them.


Are you using it for lead generation? Or to improve your customer service? Or to assist your sales team? What is the goal that your automation campaign wants to achieve?

By identifying your objective you can design appropriate strategies to accomplish your goal, such as re-engagement email campaign, cart abandonment emails, etc,.

#4. Focusing on the wrong Metrics

It is easy to get fooled by numbers. Follow the metrics according to your targeted objective. For example, if your target is to get more conversion then following open rate figure is of no use.

While a high open rate means you wrote a targeted, attractive subject line, zero click-through rate means that you’re lacking somewhere.

In simple words, it’s better to get a 15 percent open rate with 8 percent conversion rate than a 50 percent open rate with no conversion rate at all.

By just simply following open rate you will not be able to get the accurate result.

#5. Not performing a test

One must run a test to analyze which available option is better or which strategy/campaign is worth pursuing. Always test your campaign to maximize your marketing automation software.

For example, A/B testing let you compare which two (more than two) is more likely to bring you better result by focusing on several elements like subject line, CTA, landing page, etc,.

Apart from this be sure to test your emails on mobile, desktop, and tablet to ensure your campaign run smoothly regardless of any device subscribers are using to view them.

#6. Letting customer data go unused

With the help of customer data, you can create targeted and attractive marketing automation campaign. This includes website activity, past transaction records, demographics, etc,.

But some of the marketers don’t bother to use these data to their advantage. They use it in a wrong way due to lack of proper strategy or knowledge and ultimately these data go to waste.

If you properly review your customer data you can segment email list and can target customer with the right message. Success mantra of email marketing is leaving no room for error.

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