6 Email Signup Form Mistakes to Avoid

Email Signup Form Mistakes

So you have posted your blog, used all possible ways for your readers to subscribe to your email list, and… and you get disappointment.

It’s frustrating when you spend your time and energy to make sure you have all the right calls to action (CTA) but receive no response or receive less than expected.


Just one mistake is enough to drive away potential subscribers. Unfortunately, there are tons of email signup form mistakes marketers to make in their email list building strategy.

In this article, I’ll let you go through the 6 most common mistakes that marketers make when trying to build their email list with email subscription forms and how you can prevent yourself from making those mistakes.

Email Signup Form Mistakes

Poor timing of your email subscription form

One of the worst mistakes you can do is timing your email sign-up form poorly. For example, you found a link to an educational website that claims to answer all the questions regarding certain queries. You click through and instead of the detailed article, you get a dialogue box asking to fill the form in order to read the article. 

I know this can be frustrating, you must feel like cheated. The site has lost credibility because they trick you to get your email address.

This kind of subscription form is useless if you are trying to build your list. Because instead of driving visitors this strategy will drive away your visitors.

How to avoid:

Give your reader some time to read your content and see the value that you are providing them before asking to subscribe. Because if they are coming on your site and the first thing they come across is a sales sign-up form, they are probably not going to sign-up they may not even continue to stay on your site.

Including too many CTAs

You should always find a balance that doesn’t overwhelm your customers nor disappoint them. Before creating CTA, define your goal and purpose of creating CTA.

If you put too many CTAs on the same page say one for a newsletter, one for content, one for a homepage, your readers aren’t going to be happy.

How to avoid:

Don’t overload your page with too many CTAs that are all designed to perform the same task. Spread your CTAs far enough to prevent them from being disruptive.

Irrelevant CTA to the page content

Apart from too many CTAs, many marketers also make a mistake of having subscription forms with messages that are not relevant to the content on the page. Many sites create a generic subscription CTA that appears on every page regardless of the content of the page. Sometimes it might convert some of the readers but It is not the best strategy for attracting new subscribers.

How to avoid:

If your site contains multiple contents and pages, make sure to diversify the CTA that goes along with a certain page or content.

Fail to offer immediate value

Another common mistake is designing a generalized offer in the CTAs of your email subscription forms. In order to give an email address, the reader expects to get something worthy, without any value in return it is hard to get people to sign up for your list. More tangible the offer better will be the result.

How to avoid:

Try to offer some real and tangible resources (PDFs, e-books, etc) as these can increase the conversion rate on email signup forms.

Offer something which is valuable to your subscriber. Be specific what you are offering like-  “Sign up for our monthly marketing newsletter for content that’s guaranteed to help you take your career to the next level!” sounds a lot better than “Subscribe to receive more of my articles.

Require too much information to subscribe to your newsletter

Your email subscription form should not ask too many and too personal information in order to subscribe to your newsletter. Many users don’t like to give personal information due to privacy concern and also people usually don’t like to fill multiple forms or form with multiple fields.

Many sites make the mistake of asking for too much information from readers in order to subscribe to their blog. This reduces the chances of an email subscription.  

How to avoid:

Reduce the number of form fields in your email subscription CTAs. Ask only that information which requires like email address and name.

Using a bad color scheme or fonts

As we all know colors, designs, images attract more than words. Different colors depict different emotions and can have a direct impact on how people behave. Colors can define your brand or value associated with it. For example, if you deal with a baby boy or boys related stuff then using pink color can be a disaster.

How to avoid:

Don’t take things lightly like colors, designs, fonts, as these can have a big impact on subscribers. Every choice that you make is going to have an effect on your readers’ decision.

Use color to highlight CTA or what you want a reader to do like ‘click submit’ ‘put email address’, etc.


Now that you have a better idea of some of the things that you should avoid when building your email list, with the above-mentioned points you can optimize your CTAs for the best result.

Have you seen or know other email signup form mistakes that marketers make with email subscription form?

Share them with us in the comment, we would love to hear.



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