5 Ways To Flourish Your E-Commerce Sales

E-Commerce Sales

E-commerce is a highly competitive industry. We can say there exists cut-throat (stiff) competition due to which e-commerce business face quite difficulties to grow its sales.

Growing e-commerce sales takes far more than a ‘set it and forget it’ approach. Just because you build your own list (through opt-in form or subscription) doesn’t mean your subscriber will buy from you. There are many marketing strategies that can help you to expand your e-commerce business.


Here are a few tactics you can implement to increase your e-commerce sales.

Grow your list

You should never stop acquiring new leads, it is ultimately good for your business but makes sure you generate quality leads, unqualified leads will only work as a time sucker nothing else.

Set-up calls to action and sign-up forms throughout your site to make it easy for prospects to provide their contact information. Marketers can include a sign-up option in the header or footer of the website to make it more easy for visitors to subscribe to you.

Most email marketing providers make have simple to use integrations for you to include pop-up lead forms on your site.

Send Targeted Emails

After someone opt-in your database you’ll be able to send him or her email campaigns regarding your offerings. You can simply send an email campaign with any email marketing platforms.

Once someone sign-up your list, you can set-up a drip campaign to send them emails within a period of time to encourage them to make a purchase. Include lucrative offers to instigate them to purchase.

Combat Abandoned Shopping Carts

Users adding items to their shopping cart and not purchasing it is a common tendency in the e-commerce business. Being a marketer it’s up to you, how you bring them back to your website and let them finish the purchase process. Try these ways to reduce cart abandonment:

  • Set an automated program to send an email when someone leaves the site with an item in their cart.
  • Use analytics to see when people are dropping off in your check-out process, and work on it, rectify the flaws and simply as much as you can.
  • Use website pop-ups. Include a pop-up on your site when someone has an item in their cart but didn’t purchase it within a specific period of time. It works as a quick reminder to bring them back.
  • Set up retargeting ads within Google or whichever ad platform you are using. This can remind someone of your product after they’ve left your page and remind him or her to come back and complete their purchase.
Personalized Content

Sending content that is not for your customers or not relevant to them is the worst thing you can do. Send content-based. on buyer persona, their past purchase, interest, and preferences. For example:

  • Recommended products: Based on past purchase or past browsing history, set-up email campaign or on-site content for your visitors.  
  • Personalized Offers: Make sure you are capturing information about your lead because that information will help you to create personalized content for your lead which helps you to increase sales.
Build Partnership and Cross-Promote

Forming a partnership with non-competitive businesses can help you to expand your target market/business. Do your research and see if there are any complementary businesses that you can indulge in partnership.

Offer them promotion in your social media, website or emails in exchange for the same in return. You can also create bundled offers for customers who purchase a product to get a discount from your partner and vice versa.

There are plenty of ways to generate more e-commerce sales. It just takes time and attention to find which strategies work best for you and your customers.



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