5 Ways Marketing Automation Improve Your Customer Retention Marketing

Customer Retention Marketing

One of the hardest parts of growing business is acquiring a new customer and maintaining a good relationship with them. Marketing automation lets you optimize your customer retention by scaling personalized messages, trigger emails in the customer journey.

Automation is a bliss for marketers to perform all the task of marketing. But in recent years, it’s gotten even more importance due to its unmatched ability to provide streamlined interaction at scale.


Marketing automation provides solutions for businesses to enhance their retention and acquisition by offering customized solution to them. Here are six areas of customer retention that marketing automation can improve.

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Start customer retention right from the starting

Using marketing automation to welcome new subscriber or customer is the first step to make a good impression. Send a welcome email to the person who just subscribes to your email list.

Design a workflow that sends a welcome email to new customers. First of all, thanks to them for subscribing to the list then you can include content that not only inspires them to become your customer but a repeat customer. Welcome series is the most effective way to start building loyalty with your customers.

You can also include a special offer in your initial emails because new subscribers are usually more engaged so there are higher chances that they see your offer and make a purchase.

Moreover, many people subscribe to an email list to see and get the welcome offer. If they don’t find it on your website, they may go to your competitor who does. So don’t miss any opportunity to acquire customer or to start building trust and loyalty.

Improve the Sales Process

Automation also helps to assist the sales process. Sending emails with useful information in the sales process will slowly and steadily guide them down the funnel. This ensures that you aren’t sending only conversion focused emails (i.e related to purchase), which also makes a better first impression of your business. Some example of such emails are:

  • Thank you message for signing up for a free trial with a guide to get them started before trying to get them to upgrade.
  • Simply asking leads if they have any questions, query, would like more detailed information, or want pricing information after visiting your price page.

Improving the sales process also helps in customer retention marketing. By sending the right message at the right time, you are gradually leading lead to make a purchase.

Onboard Customers

Once leads have signed up or make a purchase, automation enables you to onboard customers, provide them with all the assistance and set them up for the success.

Use CTAs in various onboarding messages to guide them through the activation steps. It help them at every step and get them started.

When a new user signs up for the service, teach them the best practices to streamline the whole process. Like provide them beginner tutorial on best practices, tips, and tricks, etc. This refrains their trust on you and assures them that they have made the right decision by choosing you.

Your emails could contain various CTAs to complete the various process for getting started with the platform, for example

  • Completing account profile
  • Uploading Contacts
  • Setting up rules
  • Creating email templates

After spending the proper amount of time to get to know the products and its features, and learning the usage of products, user won’t want to switch from a platform because they have invested proper time and money in the products learning.

Maintain Contact

Email is the perfect medium for nurturing customer relationships because it is less interrupting than a phone call and more effective than direct mail and other forms of promotional medium.

By using automation you can provide solutions to customer feedback or inquiries on time. This will make a customer feel valued, they will feel like their input or suggestions is being taken seriously, they will feel more connected with your brand.

You can also keep track of important dates like customers’ birthdays and sign-up anniversary to send them personalized emails. You have to be in regular touch with your customer, eventually, it will increase your brand loyalty and improve customer relationships.

Remove Disengaged Contacts

Sometimes, customers don’t want to receive your emails or aren’t interested in receiving emails or messages for you. The reason behind it maybe they already know about your business and don’t want any additional information or help.

Using marketing automation to manage your contacts based on their engagement level turn out to be very beneficial for maintaining good customer relationships.

With marketing automation platform you can create a workflow that identifies contacts who have stopped engaging with your emails, then you have two options:

Move all the uninterested contacts into a separate list of unengaged contacts and create a new strategy to re-communicate with them.

Send an email to all unengaged contacts asking them the reason behind their behavior and whether or not they would like to continue receiving emails. This eliminates any assumptions on your part.

These are the few ways through which you can improve your customer retention marketing.

Hope this article going to be helpful for you. For more knowledge of Marketing Automation, visit our website. 



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