5 Signs You Should Implement Marketing Automation in Your Business

If we have any problem in our system, the system itself gives us signal that there’s something wrong, we start feeling the same and we work on it. Just like our body, a business also gives a sign if there’s anything wrong or business required something extra to perform well.

Alike, the business generates various signs that it’s time to implement marketing automation in the business in order to stay in the market, face the competition and rise above it.

Marketing automation is a must-have tool for a business who has a digital presence/ who work online too. Being digitally involve and in such a stiff competition can you generate, nurture and convert leads without using marketing automation, I guess you cannot.

That’s a decision you have to make, but here I am discussing five major signs that will indicate that it’s the time to implement automation in your business.

Lacks in lead generation: You tried to generate a lead through various mean like sending them a random email, manually follow up, etc but leads don’t turn up. Generally lead turn up when they intend to buy hence you have to maintain constant contact with your lead so that when they make up their mind your brand comes first. With the help of the automation, you can be in touch with your audience. Pop-up form, landing page, dynamic content are a good way to generate leads. Start capturing information from people when they are in investigating stage by offering them some premium content in exchange for some contact information.

Leads don’t convert into a customer: Following new leads can be a cumbersome job even if you are using a landing page or call-to-action. But with marketing automation you can easily do this by segmenting your leads, creating lead nurturing email, multi-channel marketing, etc.

Once lead fills the web form send them ‘thank you’ email. Then send them a series of follow-up email (3-5 days apart) to provide useful information related to the offer, brand or something relevant. You can also send emails inviting them to try a free trial/demo account or a free consultation session.

If leads aren’t organized: You may have a large number of leads but if they are not organized they are not useful to you. Proper segmentation of leads is necessary to know which lead is interested in which content because if you don’t know what they’re interested in, how will you know what to send them in a campaign. Marketing automation tool allows you to apply any criteria you want for segmenting leads. Then you can send relevant content in order to convert them into a customer.

You don’t know where your leads are coming from: You are using multi-channel marketing like Google Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin or guest blogging but you don’t know which one is working best for you for bringing visitors or leads. Marketing automation can let you know those sources with the help of analytics or report so that you know which channel needs more attention/improvement and which doesn’t. If you are using marketing automation tool you don’t require any extra tool to check or analysis various things.

You are unable to manage lead efficiently: You did a great job in generating leads, all day you’re getting new leads but you are unable to look/handle at each and everyone due to lack of time or some other reason. One of the features of marketing automation tool is lead scoring. It allows you to assign a numerical value for every action performed by your lead/consumer. For example, opening an email worth 3 points, clicking link mention in that email worth an additional 4 points. Once a contact reached any predetermine milestone they can be tag as ‘hot lead’. By doing lead scoring you’ll know on which lead you have to focus more and where less.

Marketing automation is all in one tool. You don’t require any additional tool to perform any extra task apart from just marketing. With marketing automation tool you can perform a various function like tracking website visitor, segmentation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, monitoring campaign with the help of analytics, etc.



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