5 Myths About Marketing Automation

marketing automation myths

Technology is often surrounded by mystery and false belief and marketing automation is no different. This keeps people away to adopt that technology.

Before we get started, let me quickly explain what marketing automation is. Marketing automation is a software that marketers use to automate a repetitive task and integrate many marketing channels like email, social media, websites and more. In other words, marketing automation makes the marketing campaign more efficient and effective.


Marketing automation picking up the pace and becoming one of the most useful tools in today’s marketing world and is expected to increase in popularity in the future as well. However, along with growth and popularity comes certain issues and problems.

When it comes to marketing automation there are lots of misinformation and myths hold by business owners and marketers that are absolutely not true such as small enterprise cannot afford it, it is just for email, it is cold and impersonal, and so on.

Below are the five most common but dangerous myth described. Let separate the truth from the lies so that business can grow without any huddle. To help separate the truth from the lies, here is a list of the 4 most common myths about inbound marketing automation that you need to leave behind in 2017 for your business to grow.

Myth 1: Automatically you can get a new customer

If this is true that would be awesome right but unfortunately, it is a myth. It helps lead management to convert a prospect into clients and retain them. Businesses/ marketers need to do some work to get lead and to turn them into a client. Marketing automation software isn’t a magic wand that you just need to twirl and automatically all things are done.

Myth 2: It’s only for email

Another common myth associated with it is that it is only for email marketing. It is true that marketing automation is one of the most common and effective options for this process but it can be a lot more than this. It has features like website tracking, behavior analytics, campaign optimization, analysis of result through testing and google analytics, and more.

Myth 3: It is too expensive

Hundreds of marketing automation software are available in the market today. According to organizational need, offers are diversified which makes it affordable for small business. However, the more complex your needs are the higher will be the cost. While there are some tools like Marketo or Hubspot which may cost $1000 a month for enterprise-level, but there is software like our Marketic.io which cost starts at just $49 a month.

Myth 4: Hard To Implement (Too complicated)

Earlier it might have been true but those days are long gone. This myth it is totally opposite of what marketing automation tool actually is. Now, marketing automation software is very user-friendly and is specifically designed to smoothen and simplify the various process of organization.

Myth 5: Marketing Automation is Impersonal

Marketing automation enables you to create a personalized message for each contact based on their behavior or data but it can become impersonal if not planned, designed or execute properly in a right way. Through automated tools, you can tailor the content of your campaign according to your customer database. A personalized campaign can be built to engage customer more effectively and this leads to more open rate and clicks through rate.

If done well, marketing automation leads to an increase in revenue by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time and converting a prospect into a customer.

This tool is related to customer relationship management. It works by organizing, segmenting the prospect based on their past interactions and communication with your company.

One of the main hurdle surrounding the technology is faulty assumptions, lack of understanding, and misinformation. Once cleared with all this and leave these myths behind, marketing automation is more approachable and as simple as anything.


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