5 Marketing Automation Drip Campaign Ideas

Drip campaign

There’s no doubt that emails are one of the best ways to communicate with consumers and build a strong relationship.

According to a report, all the sector whether pharma, travel or hospitality, etc, they use email marketing. 319.6 billion emails will be sent and received every day by 2021.


Brand and marketers across the globe are leveraging the power of email marketing and marketing automation.

Automated drip campaign/marketing is one of the most powerful features of marketing automation

With the series of drip emails, consumers start relating to brand and a drip campaign has contributed a lot to build brand image.

Automated drip campaign refers to a series of emails that are triggered (delivered one after another) based on the action of the subscribers. The idea or reason behind drip campaign is to nurture leads, push them through a funnel and get them converted (from lead to the customer).

Drip campaign can be of various types- welcome email (campaign) onboarding emails, re-engagement emails, abandoned cart emails, etc.

So without much ado, let’s start detail understanding of drip marketing campaigns that can help you in getting more leads.

#1. Welcome Email Campaign

 When you sign up for any website or subscribe for any product updates, the first email that you receive is a ‘Welcome Email’ which is generally personalized with your first name and a few things are mention which you can do to start off with the product or service.

Sending welcome email is one of the easiest ways to start engaging your audience. Through welcome emails, you can educate audience about your product or service and can build a personal relationship with prospects.

#2. Onboarding Email Campaign

Onboarding campaign is sent with the purpose to get prospect acquainted with your product/service. It can be a single email or series of emails based on the lead behavior or action.

For example, if a lead is stuck somewhere on your website, based on the details you can send an onboarding email to get going from that point. It is one of the ways to nurture leads and pushing them down the marketing funnel.

#3. Transactional Email Campaign

A transactional message is an easy way to keep user engaged and increase comfort and build trust with your brand.

A transactional message is a message that is sent to customer every time they make any purchase. For example, a purchaser gets a confirmation message after online purchase and then gets a message when the product has been shipped and the last one when the product has been delivered.

In short, throughout the product purchase cycle, purchaser kept informed about his or her purchase.

Ignoring transactional emails can hamper your business growth drastically. If a user is facing troubles with invoice details or confirmation emails, he/she will promptly leave your brand if it doesn’t resolve by you or if they kept facing these issues over and over again.

#4. Cart Abandonment Email Campaign

Abandoned cart messages are emails or text messages that are sent if someone adds a product to their cart but doesn’t make a purchase or leave the website without completing the checkout process.

You can create an automated campaign which reminds them of the products in the cart. It is usually done to stop users from abandoning.

A good shopping cart abandonment email can convert “add to cart into final purchase”. These people do want your products (otherwise they wouldn’t have put them in their carts in the first place), you just need to give them a little extra push.

#5. Re-engagement Email Campaign

This is one of the most powerful features of marketing automation that is widely used by every brand.

You can easily retarget your ex-customer with the help of marketing automation. E-commerce widely uses marketing automation software for retargeting. Retargeting allows marketers to target users on social media or on other platforms even after they have left your website.

With a re-engagement campaign, you take another attempt to restore the lost contact with more relevant content and exclusive offer. Most often, we also call it a ‘winning back’ campaign.


This brings us to the end. These are the 5 automated drip marketing campaigns that can help you to increase lead engagement. If you have tried any of these or any marketing campaign that gave you the result, share your experience in the comment below.



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