5 Landing Page Tips to Inspire Your Next Marketing Campaign

Landing page tips

You have spent hours designing your marketing campaign for your business, investing time, money and effort into paid advertisements, following good SEO practices but for some reason, you are not getting the desired result or the sales numbers aren’t as you expected?

Wait a minute! Have you worked on your landing page?


Having a good landing page can really uplift your business. In fact, it has the potential to convert more than a homepage.

That’s why today we are going to explore some landing page tips that can help you to enhance your pages, and help in conversion as well.

Let images speak on your behalf

Texts are boring, at least lengthy paragraphs. Too much text is bad and can provoke the visitor to leave your website/particular page. Instead, use high quality and attractive images for your landing pages. Shopify is one of the good examples of it.

Use a clear CTA

One of the most common mistakes people often make while designing a landing page is not creating a clear CTA. No matter how good your landing page is, if your visitors are not clear what they have to do next, within a few minutes they’ll leave your website. Look how nicely LandingClub has done it. CTA buttons contrast and stand out on the page, they have you multiple CTA buttons which provide prospects several chances to convert on the offer.

Offer incentive

A nice incentive offer on your landing page is a good way to grab your visitor’s attention because sometimes despite creating a good landing page visitors don’t fall into the sales funnel.

Test yourself, suppose have to buy a speaker and you walk past two advertisements of it, one is without any offer and the other is offering some discount say 40-50 percent, which one is more likely to grab your attention, you’d check it out and make you buy? I believe one which is offering a discount, right?

Use the same strategy for your landing page as well.

Use data to sell

Data, fact, and figures state that what you are saying is not vague or bogus, it works as a proof that whatever you are saying is true. Apart from this, figures and data definitely grab your audience’s attention. A good example is Eddata.

Add Customer Testimonials

Word of mouth is the oldest form of marketing and still works efficiently and landing pages can be a good platform to share your customers’ experiences.

Have a look at Boom Essays, as you scroll down, you’ll be shown a customer testimonial, this is a great way to tell what value you have provided to your past customer and convince them to trust you. You know customer testimonial helps a lot in the customer purchasing decision process.

Additional tips:

  • Ensure your landing page copy is draft perfectly (no writing errors)
  • Answer all anticipated questions
  • Use dynamic content and simple forms
  • Catchy Headline

I hope the above-mentioned landing page tips are going to be useful for you. Follow right practices, experiment with your designs, content, etc to find the best that works for you and your audience. Remember there’s no hard and fast rule and creating a landing page is not rocket science.



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