5 Facebook Video Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Facebook Video Marketing

Videos have 135% better organic reach than images. It is a well-established fact that videos have a greater impact than images on the audience on Facebook.

Not only big organizations, but SMBs can also be benefited from implementing Facebook videos into their marketing strategy. It leads to getting more leads and building brand value.


Here are some tips to take advantage of the potential of Facebook video marketing.

Facebook Video Marketing Tips

Post videos directly on Facebook

Most of the people share the link of the video on Facebook (that has been already uploaded somewhere else say Youtube or elsewhere) instead of uploading it directly on Facebook.

Videos uploaded directly receive up to 4 times more views and organic reach than other video formats. It gives your video a few seconds of moving pictures rather than just as text or image.

First few second is important

In order to stand out against your audience’s overcrowded newsfeed, you have to create a video which has the ability to grab the audience’s attention within a first few second

As we’ve mentioned, videos uploaded directly to Facebook will automatically start to play as a user scrolls through their feed. Make sure when this happens, your audience is drawn in by video and keeps watching it, rather than to scroll. They will make this decision within the first few seconds of the video, so these seconds are critical. 

Also, keep videos short and engaging. People are more likely to watch videos that are thirty seconds or less.

Be Strategic With Your Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the featured/display photo of your video. It displays before the audience hit the play button on the video or before it starts playing automatically.

It is essential that the video’s thumbnail get users’ attention and encourage them to watch the video.

Facebook only allows thumbnails which are 20% text or less so you cannot select a screenshot or image which is heavy on text. In any case, engaging images or graphics with less text are more likely to draw attention.

Insert Call-to-action

CTA now has become one of the most important elements in any kind of marketing tactic whether its email marketing or social media marketing.

CTA is a way to ask your audience to perform a certain task. This could be anything – purchase a product, visit your site, sign up for a newsletter or something else.

Once you got your audience’s attention with a video, it is a good opportunity to ask them to take the next step via CTA.

Use Live Video

Going live on Facebook has become a trend and grabbing a lot of attention from the viewers.

Facebook reports that users watch for 3 times longer and are 10 times more likely to comment on live videos compared to regular videos.

Going live gives you an opportunity to engage with your audience on a personal level and increase engagement.


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