4 ways Marketing Automation Makes Audience Engagement Easy

Audience Engagement

Marketing automation is no more an option it’s becoming the necessity. Marketing automation doesn’t only help marketing department it also helps other departments of the organization like HR department, finance department in their day to day activity.

Marketers always look for ways to automate various marketing tasks and make things simpler in order to run campaigns/programs, achieve higher ROI, providing personalized content, etc,.


A customer expects personalized content but creating an personalized experience for the audience engagement is difficult for most of the marketers.

To create personalized content you need to understand your audience. Like what they actually want and connect with them on a personal level at the right moment.

Connecting with your audience in the right way is the starting of an engagement and according to a survey marketing automation technology does it (engaging audience) best.

Let’s get to know how marketing automation platform makes engagement easy.

Nurturing audience with a personalized message

The email marketing allows marketers to send emails and set of emails to your prospect and to your customers. Set of emails are sent to the customer automatically based on predefined triggers, behaviors, demographic data or any other criteria.

Emails can be used for simple as well as for a complex set of emails such as:

  • Sending new customer a welcome email when they sign up for the first time.
  • Sending customers or premium customer a discount or special promotion offer on their birthday or anniversary.
  • Send a drip campaign to a customer for a product purchase cycle i.e. set of emails starting from purchasing a product and end after once the delivery is done.
  • Sending an email when they abandon their shopping cart without making a purchase.

By delivering the right content to your prospects at the right time and at the proper stage you can nurture them effectively. Nurturing prospect is one of the powerful capability of marketing automation tool.

Mobile Marketing Optimization

Everyone is on different social media platform so do your buyer-so you need to be too. Everyone access their various social media account on mobile, therefore, you need to make your content mobile-friendly.

Adding mobile can be easy but be sure you have a consistent, unified experience across all channels. With mobile marketing automation, marketers can:

  • Engage with a customer in a mobile app by sending notifications, in-app message, customer service chatbots, etc,.
  • Deliver the right message at the right time about the sale to the customer who downloaded the app.

Mobile marketing improves customer engagement by helping you to stay connected with your customer at every moment of the day. It provides a personalized experience by allowing you to contact each user as an individual.

Integrating Social Media

As mentioned earlier, everyone is on social media so you must integrate marketing automation strategy and campaign to social media.

Using marketing automation can help your social media marketing by integrating it with your website, blog, mobile app, and more.

With social marketing automation, marketers can:

  • Create the types of posts that engage customer most like contests, survey, polls, etc, based on their interest.
  • Design a personalized web page on a social channel and track engagement through analytics.
  • Create a landing page and integrate it with a social network where you and your customer are present at.
  • Add few CTAs and sharing button to all site content to allow your audience to share content easily and effortlessly.

Marketing automation also collect important data about your prospect or customer who engage with your brand on a social channel like what content they downloaded, how often they click on a particular link, what type of content followers are interested in, etc. all this help you to deliver more tailored content to your audience.

Analytics and Reporting

If you don’t measure your work how you going to improve it right? The strategy should be measured to know the effectiveness of it otherwise it’s less of strategy and more of a hypothesis.

Before implementing any strategy you must test it, measure it in order to get a positive result. And that’s only possible if you are tracking your audience activity, evaluating the effectiveness of different campaigns, and taking corrective action if required.

By knowing and segmenting what working and what not, you can make decisions to draft correct strategy in so that it can increase customer engagement and focus in on the channels and campaigns that ultimately lead to increase customer engagement and ROI.


In today’s data-filled world, collecting data isn’t hard but the usage of that data is what matters.

These metrics can be used to improve your multi-channel campaign and share more targeted content thus boosting audience engagement.

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