4 Ways Consultant Can Make Valuable Lead Through Marketing Automation

marketing automation

The digital marketing has rapidly changed over the past few years. Chief among those changes is growth and adoption of marketing automation.

Marketing automation helps SMBs to compete with larger companies in all business task and especially in digital marketing.


They do this by creating an automated system that delivers valuable content and automated campaign to prospect, nurturing them in order to encourage them to make a buying decision.

Marketing automation consultant helps their clients in building strategy and walk through the whole process.

An automation consultant not only help to get their client right automation tool but also help them out in lead generation process.

While an automation consultant will deal with your entire marketing operation across many channels, there are a few key ways they can help companies who have no previous experience with marketing automation. Some of these ways include:

Landing Page

To increase your buyer number you have to have a way to capture leads. Marketing automation software is one of the best ways to capture a lead. It is built around the capturing of lead and their information.

A right landing page helps you to capture leads and nurture them accordingly. A consultant can help you to create an effective landing page using tried and tested techniques to increase the number of your leads.

Usually, marketing automation consultant uses various magnets in landing page to capture leads. These magnets include tools like

  • eBooks
  • Whitepaper
  • Templates
  • Case Studies

There are different magnets use by a different consultant but the ultimate goal is the same- to capture the lead and their information and turn them into the customer.

Read our blog to know how landing page helps to convert lead into a customer.

Content Marketing Strategy

To capture more leads, you need to get more people to visit your website. A key component of marketing automation is SEO and one of the best ways to drive traffic is by optimizing your website.

In order to drive traffic, you’ll have to create content that is relevant and matter to your customers. The content created should be based on the topics that are searched by your prospect on Google or on other search engines. You should include specific keywords in your content which are highly searched.

For example, a dermatologist might create content about skin problem, hair issues, tips, and remedy. As people search on Google related to it they’ll get directed to dermatologist website and have a chance to enter their information to gain access to more content like a case study, video tutorial etc.

An effective content marketing strategy will increase your traffic and more leads will enter your sales pipeline.

Drip Email Campaign for Lead Nurturing

Once the lead has given you their information you can start nurturing them. Lead nurturing is a process to get to know your lead more over time, like their order of preference, like, dislike, etc and this you can do with drip campaign.

Email marketing provides the platform to create drip campaign in order to know your leads better over time.

A drip campaign is a tool in marketing automation. It is a series of marketing message which sends one after another depending upon the action taken by a prospect. We can say drip email campaigns are marketing message that is delivered to leads automatically based on their action.

A drip campaign is also a way to make your lead understand your company and product/service.

An automation consultant can help you to put together effective drip campaigns that lead to more leads becoming customers.

Automatic Segmentation and Messaging

Segmentation is a process to split your leads and customers into the different group based on certain things like age, income, location, gender, or any other attribute that would marketer like to split on.

For example, a dermatologist might segment their leads by gender. They wouldn’t want to send marketing message about female issues to men or vice versa. Segmentation allows you to get more information about your leads so that you can tailor marketing messages accordingly.

The best thing is, even segmentation can be automated. Marketing automation software makes segmentation easy. Survey answers can be automatically categorized into the different segment.

Not only does this help you to improve your lead to sale conversion rates, but it builds stronger relationships with your prospects over time.


Marketing automation makes it easy for you to generate new leads and nurture those leads effectively so that they get converted into a customer. Marketing automation is the best method to adopt if you want more conversion and a customer without any hassle.



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