4 Useful Marketing Automation Tips for Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing automation tips

Advertising is a single component of marketing. Earlier marketing methods were TV, print media, billboard etc,. Basically, the idea was to reach out to masses to build awareness about the product/service.

But as time passes, the competition gets stiffer/tougher. Marketers realized that mass coverage would not work as well as the customer also want a personalized experience.


Now the customer wants personalized one-on-one interaction with brands and marketing automation is a right tool for it. It automates marketing task ensuring prospect should get a personalized message which helps the organization to get more conversion rate.

Useful Marketing Automation Tips

Every marketer these days have full focus on the customer; where they congregate, what are their need and preferences, how to form a trust, etc,. Marketers no longer think of campaigns, their priority is to build healthy relations with a prospect.

Knowing your buyer need/preferences is one of the most valuable assets a company can have. Marketers know once they understand buyers’ behavior, campaign building would be much easier.

If organization itself unable to perform marketing activity they hire an agency/reseller who perform various marketing task on their behalf or partially help an organization in their marketing.

Starting from knowing your customer/targeted audience needs and preferences to building a campaign, agency perform every activity involved in marketing automation process.

Considered these marketing tips to make your marketing automation strategy work harder.

Start with prospect identification and segmentation

The foremost thing you can do is to capture visitors traffic at contact stage (i.e. first-time visitor visits site). By doing this you’ll be able to know where the audience is coming from.

Once you build your database, segment it on certain criteria (on the basis of behavior, preferences, etc). This can make easier for agencies to build a specific campaign for a specific segment.

Use landing page for conversion

Convert visitor into a lead with the help of landing page. The landing page is a page where visitor’s land after performing a certain action.

For instance, visitor first time visits your website, an automated welcoming email send to him/her, asking to perform a certain action like click on certain link/button to know further about the brand and its offerings.

Once visitor performs the mention action he/she redirect to the landing page where various offers or deals will be displayed, which increase the interest of visitor in your brand and convert them into prospect/leads.

Nurture leads through automation

Lead nurturing can be done by sending email/drip campaign to leads at frequent interval. With proper nurturing one can convert lead into a customer.

It is a process where various relevant emails send to prospect in order to encourage them to make a purchase. Email may include informative email, product-related emails, etc,. The main purpose of sending emails is to keep prospect engage and encourage them to make a purchase.

Multi-channel automated campaign

In such a cut-throat competition, depending on just one channel to market your product/service is not a smart decision. One must market a product on every possible channel or channels where a customer is present like social media, SMS, Google Adwords, web notifications, etc,.

Multi-channel marketing ensures that no channel gets unutilized and if any lead is not present on one channel, approach them on other channel but he/she should not get unentertained.

An agency should start with prospect profiles and dig deep to know who prospect are, how to reach them, best suitable channel to approach them. Once you understand the prospect profile it will be easier to approach them and build a campaign for them.

Agency helps a lot to achieve marketing goal and success.



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