4 Most Believe Rumors About B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation

Lead generation is one of the top challenges facing by nearly every B2B company, in fact, B2C also face the same problem. The reason behind the B2B lead generation challenge is-

  • Lack of time
  • The need for new leads is ongoing because maybe the existing client’s budget change, they found some better vendor, no longer they have the requirement of your tool.
  • Lack of fund for the lead generation process
  • Where to start with lead generation

Today we are going to discuss some of the trending B2B lead generation rumors. Let dispel these false believe and learn how to generate qualified leads that turn into customers.


Tips To Attract High-Quality B2B Leads

4 Rumors About B2B Lead Generation

SEO practices are complex and don’t really help in lead generation

The value of content creation keeping SEO in mind may decrease if marketers don’t know its connection with lead generation.

An SEO-focused blog post may not give you the immediate result but it certainly gives you result in a long run, it’s like depositing your money in savings or fixed account, your balance will increase over time.

In a practical sense, here’s what that looks like:

  • Create SEO-optimized blog posts (relevant to your audience as well)
  • Share on the various social media platform
  • Add links from relevant sites or high domain authority sites to your content.
  • As the number of blog views increases with a low bounce rate, SEO of your blog post increases.
  • You’ll get more customer data such as name, age, profession, email address from the opt-in form that you have included in your blog.
  • You use that information to nurture your lead with the aim to convert them into a customer.
Social media has little role to generate a lead for B2B

Maintaining social media account is tedious work plus it requires a person who dedicates his/her time in social media activity like uploading articles/post, monitoring posts, answering comments, active in messaging and then there’s a whole separate task of growing followers, engaging them and analyzing metrics.

This is the reason why managing social media is often outsourced or a specialized person is appointed for the task.

Let us come to the main point-Is social media really a lead generation tool for B2B?

Yes, of course, it is. Everyone is on social media, so do people who are into the B2B industry, ever for business purposes.

If you want to generate leads you must connect with them on social media and engage them there. Encourage your employees to get involved, too. According to PostBeyond, “Messages shared by employees went 561% further than the same message shared on a brand owned channel.”

In fact, Social Media Examiner reports that “by spending as little as six hours per week, 66% of marketers see lead generation benefits with social media.”

Showcasing brand values are more important to lead generation for B2C companies than for B2B companies

Human touch is very important to run a successful business, no prospect wants to communicate with a faceless corporation or a robot, speak as a person to another.

Imagine giving a face to your B2B could do. Humanize branding encourages prospects to connect with you with a personalized touch, it establishes your company’s mission and purpose more clearly and prospects more likely to connect with a person rather than a just a corporation.

It’s really hard to get viable leads from trade shows

Having a stall in the trade show, communicating with visitors, telling them about your services is, collecting business cards is not what get you a lead. The real work start after all this. Use every business card you received and every contact you make and follow them up after the show.

Whether you get the leads or not largely depends on what you do after the show i.e. follow-up.

Then implement the above strategies- reach out on social media, create SEO content that is relevant to your audience, and continue that personal connection.

By overlooking these false beliefs and following foregoing tips you would have numbers of qualified leads in your pipeline.

If implementing all of these ideas together is tough for you then start with just one and eventually implement another.



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