4 Mistakes To Avoid for an Effective Content Marketing

Effective Content Marketing
Content marketing is 90% of digital marketing. Digital marketing’s practices/efforts/activities revolve around only one thing and that is content. Therefore, keeping in mind the importance of the content you should be aware of the 5 mistakes to avoid in order to be effective in your content marketing.

Here are the following 4 mistakes in content marketing which you must avoid

1 – Content marketing is for link building :

In the old days of SEO, it used to be about link building. The idea was, “the more links to your website the better for your business.” Now, instead of the link building, there are so many other factors that influence a site’s rank and influence. These include references, brand mentions, and the quality of links.

Google HATES if you’re creating content just for the links. Creating content for the links means you’re going to run into problems. So, what is the goal of content marketing?


Bhishm Singh, Founder of Sales-Push.com, shares goals out of content marketing and Content KPI

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand loyalty
  • Customer education
  • Customer engagement
  • Talent recruitment

2 – The More it is, the better it is :

It’s in human nature everybody wants more and more. Similarly with content as well, we all have the belief that creating and spreading more content will be better for the business. In actual it isn’t like the way you have been taking it. Let’s share you below “Content Fatigue” which will help you to understand how much is too much.

Fact – access to anything is dangerous in the later stage.

Now, Focussing on better will be fruitful than focusing on more.

  • Better content invariably means less content.                                                                 
  • Better content has an upper threshold. You can only get so much better. Just like we reach a ceiling in quantity, there’s also a ceiling to quality. When we reach this threshold, we need to find a new direction. And that new direction might be the direction of differentnot better.
  • Better content depends on the audience. It doesn’t just mean longer or more detailed articles with perfect grammar and spelling. Better content is content that addresses the audience in the most powerful and direct way.

3 – Just create it and they will come :

It’s all about to create it and the folks will be clinking on it. This has been a misguided mantra by many in the content marketing industry.

The problem is that the mantra – if you create it, they will come – is not true.

“The secret to content marketing boils down to three things: creating great content, making sure it gets found in search engines and promoting it to your followers.”

If you don’t market your content, your entire content marketing effort will fizzle and die.

4 – Blogging is the Best way for Content Marketing: 
A lot of people think that effective content marketing means “blogging.” Content marketing is more than just creating a blog and publishing articles. Blogging is only one of the many forms of a successful content marketing strategy.

There are plenty of forms of content marketing that can thrive with or without a blog:

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • Guides
  • Whitepapers
  • SlideShare presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Contests/giveaways
  • Live chats/hangouts
  • Webinars
  • Pinboards
  • Screencasts


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