3 Ways To Make Your Email Work Harder for Your Agency


Email is one of those technologies that makes things easier and harder at the same time. Easy because you can reach your audience quite effortlessly. Whereas hard because your inbox can be overcrowded by emails.

If you are an email marketing agency then using email for business and managing it is even more important.


Apart from managing your email campaign you also have to manage your client campaign.

You want an email tool to work for you, not against you. Here are some tips to make email do more tasks in less time, making your agency more effective for your clients.

Email Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Email automation is a technology that helps to perform repetitive tasks in lesser time with greater efficiency. It can speed up communication workflow with the client which improves business and sales.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next evolution of email. Auto-completion of emails is just the beginning, as AI will eventually help respond to emails for us.

It would save your and your clients’ time by auto-responding to customer query or message.

Calendar Scheduling

Use advanced email tools to make calendar scheduling better and easier. Some of the Email automation tools can connect to your Google calendar to sync directly to Gmail.

Being an agency you have to manage multiple accounts of your clients, remembering the schedule of each client is impossible. Email automation helps to schedule your and your client’s time with a single click.

It even prevents double booking by giving you an alert message. If you select a time that has already booked, the tool will let you know that the slot is not available so you can pick another one that is free.

Creating Template

There will be certain documents which you required to send to every client or clients of the client. If you have to send the same information over and over again to different clients, draft them into email templates. Whenever you are required to send that information, use the template and save time from writing the same thing again and again.

Some other ways are:
  • Email reminder
  • Manage multiple campaigns from one centralized database.
  • Consent in touch with a client via automated email workflow
  • Help agency’s client to get higher conversion via proper lead nurturing campaign
  • Helps in client retention

Email is here to stay for a longer period. By making the most of it, you can be more productive with your email marketing. From AI support to encryption, email can be better managed and more secure.


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