3 Strategies To Implement To An E-commerce Post Purchase Follow Up

post purchase follow up

Today we are going to talk about e-commerce-something that we are all familiar with. What is best about top e-commerce firms is they build data about their audience and continue to nurture them with personalized messages and content on the channels that the audience is most comfortable with. 

Personalized messaging, present offer discounts, or gift card vouchers, etc are somewhat common in practice. Strong e-commerce lead nurturing required more than this.


Here are three strategies that e-commerce businesses of all sizes can put in place to start moving the marketing needle.

Future Discount Offers

Retaining customers is always a focal point of business. No doubt it’s great to have a new customer, but it’s even better to have a long-term customer who is continuously engaged with you and make a purchase. One of the best ways to retain buyers is to offer a discount after a purchase for the future purchase.

You must be wondering there’s nothing new in it. Yes, you are right but what makes difference is how you are offering them a post-purchase discount. In a personalized email after a purchase, the messaging can be a lot more targeted, and the offer can be a lot more personal. For example:

Hi [buyer’s name],

Thank you for purchasing [ product name]. We’ve heard from a ton of customers that [insert associated product here] goes great with this, so we are offering 30 percent off so you can enjoy the product duo. We’re excited to have you on board. Please let us know if you have any questions at all—we’re here to help!

These discounts shouldn’t replace your other general promotions and discounts, it works as an add-on discount but they present an additional opportunity for hyper-targeted messaging and upsells and are really effective.

Refer-a-friend Campaign

Referral marketing is a great source to build brand advocates and enhance the network of your customers. In the post-purchase follow-up, it presents a great opportunity to ask your customers to refer their friends, family, and colleagues.   

Just like other things, there are tools on the market that make referral marketing simple to implement, you can integrate into your system and can automate payouts to the person who successfully referred to a new customer.  In a post-purchase follow-up, refer-a-friend campaign email can look like this:

Hey [name],

We’re glad to have you as part of the [your company name] community. I hope you have a good experience with us. Our goal is to continue to help people with our product/service. With that said, we want to give you a 20 percent coupon code that you can share with your people. Plus, if you use [referral link], you get $25 for every new customer that you refer to.

Send helpful resources

Once someone bought a product, move them into a nurture campaign. Send them content that directly speaks about their pain points and offers helpful solutions or you can send content related to their last purchase that educates them. For example, if someone purchased a hair product, you can send them an article regarding that, tip to improve hair quality or your other hair products.

This will allow your brand to stay top-of-mind for customers—in a non-annoying, long-term way. It can also help you expand your reach significantly.

Hey [name],

Thank you for purchasing [product name]. Hopefully, it is satisfying your needs. Taking your past purchase into consideration, we have created an ebook that you will surely love to read. Do tell us your opinion or suggestion.

If you don’t have a post-purchase engagement strategy, even to get feedback from customers, then your eCommerce business is missing out on opportunities to sell to existing customers and retain them.

Your brand can continue marketing to new customers while ignoring existing ones, but your ROI will suffer and your company will spend more than needed to reach revenue goals because retaining an old customer is much cost-effective than acquiring the new one.




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