3 Automated Tasks CRM must handle

CRM software

CRM Software has numerous features that streamline sales tasks and workflows. It allows you to automate many of your daily tasks while eliminating redundant steps and minimizing errors and mistakes.

The right CRM software can save a significant amount of time and money for your business.


Here are three things your CRM tool should be doing for you to enhance the productivity of your employees along with saving time and money.

CRM should track sales through Landing Page

You should know where your leads are coming from. You must know if leads are coming through organic searches, paid ads, social media, or any other source. Tracking leads source tells you where your leads are coming from and what to expect from these sources.

For example, if the leads are coming from Facebook tend to require more nurturing, your CRM can notify the salesperson about this and require action that can be taken. If the leads from organic searches are low-maintenance, CRM can track them and only notify a salesperson if chatbot can’t answer their questions.

Your CRM should make sure leads don’t get disappear

Your CRM can help to nurture the lead until they get converted. By sending emails regularly, your CRM ensures your leads won’t disappear. Even you can automate the drip campaigns by automatically sending the emails to non-responders. CRM creates a report of leads that fall into different categories and accordingly you can nurture them.

Your CRM should organize your invoicing

It is good to have one tool that gives overall customer data at one glance, from their purchase history to their buying behavior to invoicing history. If you have different tools for selling and for invoicing then its harder to keep track of all the records.

CRM tool minimizes the risk of mistakes, it gives you a stable platform to audit the invoices.

These are the function which your CRM software must perform. There are some CRM automation functions you should consider and these are:

  • Lead Management Automation
  • Lead Nurturing Automation
  • Calling Automation
  • Deal Management Automation
  • Customer Support Automation

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In such stiff competition, you need to do more in less time in order to rise above your competitors. CRM allows you to streamline your working method and reduce the chances of errors and costs.



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