3 Automated Marketing Features SMBs Need To Implement

Automated Marketing Features

There’s no denying that in the current scenario SMBs are facing the maximum competition. Every day new startups are emerging, the plethora of options available for customers to choose from. The main concern for SMBs is how to face the competition?

Integrating automation into the day-to-day task is something that helps SMBs to not only face the cut-throat competition but also rise above it.


Automation optimizes the organization’s resources and helps to increase sales. And they also try to keep up with the competitors who are already using marketing automation.

Let’s go through the 3 main automated marketing features SMBs need to implement right now in order to grow their business.

Social Media Automation

Social media has become a kind of necessity. If you want to reach your targeted audience and to aware of them about your products & services.

It has become a great way to source leads for businesses but if you manage it manually, it takes a lot of time. That is why businesses need marketing automation for social media.

Automation for social media comes in the form of automatically posting on social media channels. Businesses can schedule the same posts across multiple social media platforms or can schedule multiple posts from a single platform, from a central dashboard interface.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

SMBs need automated marketing software to integrate with their CRM software. The integration of this two software is essential for the smooth functioning of an organization.

After the integration, contacts, and leads can be easily transferred from marketing to the sales department leading to the alignment of these two departments.

It also ensures the right message sent to the right person at the right time, so that it increases conversion.

Scheduling Tools

When designing marketing automation workflow, businesses will need scheduling tools to fire future campaigns and/or posts. These tools are essential for automated marketing, as they allow businesses to set regular publishing.  

You can schedule social media posting, email marketing campaigns, etc, which can be automated according to the schedule.

Capterra defines marketing automation as-

“Marketing automation software helps foster leads and get them ready for your sales team. Once the lead has progressed to the bottom of the funnel to become a qualified sales lead (and eventually a customer), that’s when companies typically start to track their interactions through a CRM.”


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