10 Magic Words To Use In Email Marketing

Words To Use In Email Marketing
Wondering what words to use in Email Marketing?

The digital marketing experts smartly know about how language influences emotions and persuades action. Words are the most powerful. Words have the ability to inspire, motivate or discourage, dismiss. It is well known said that “With your words, you wield the power to plant seeds of either success or failure in the mind of another” It is very important in your business to choose your words wisely because they expose your attitude.”

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”―Rudyard Kipling

Test the following 10 “magic words” in your next email or blog post, on a direct-mail postcard or website to the best response from your subscriber.

  1. “ You” , “Now” and “Free” 

You – Write as though you are speaking to the customer and about the customer. It means you are not sending forcibly promotional emails. Free – It is a common human tendency that we all like free things. 

  1. “Value”, “Guarantee” and “Amazing” 

Value – This word implies customers are getting something against to lose something in terms of cost or Price. Guaranteed – Give your subscriber a guarantee to minimize risk evaluation, so they feel they have everything to gain.

  1. “Easy”, “Discover” and “Act now” 

 Easy – Make it simple for customers to take the next step in the purchasing process, and let them know how much easier life will be with your product or service. Act now – Motivate your customer for an immediate response with a limited-time offer. This will create an intense desire for the product.

  1. “Health”,” Results” and “New” 

 New – Your product or service is the cutting edge in your industry. Guaranteed results – Your customers want results, after all.

  1. Proven – It reminds customers about positive reviews given by customers. Remind your customers that your product and service are tried-and-true. This is very reliable.   “Love” ,” Discover”  and “Proven” 

Discover – This implies there is something new and unknown to the customer. There is something that has supreme benefits. It will certainly give customers an edge.

  1. “The”, “Instant” and “How-to 

 When analyzing The Economist they noticed a theme among the headlines on the cover: “The.” “The” is known as a definite article. It improves the feeling of definiteness and surety. They determined that using the word at the beginning of headlines makes it sound like the definitive answer to a question.

  1. “100% money-back guarantee” 

100% money-back guarantee – This word sounds like a customer has no risk to try any offer. They have full freedom to check things in their own way.

  1. “Elite”, “Premium” and “Caused by”

 Elite –It makes them feel like your customers are among the best in the world. Invite a new customer to join a highly desirable and preferable club. Premium – Premium helps denote high quality.

  1. “Bargain” and “No obligation”

Bargain –This word gives customers the freedom to analyze the price and quality without any interruption. It is effective because ultimately customers want a great deal. No obligation –It creates a favorable environment for your customer. You can call it a win-win situation for your customers.

  1. “Huge”

 Huge – A large discount or outstanding offer. People understand themselves it is difficult to resist. This word makes an impression of “never again” like feeling.

These are the few Words To Use In Email Marketing. Use them in your email marketing and let me know if it’s worked or not.



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